Eight scenes from Alice (2005)

For Female Choir

premiere: Netherlands Youth Choir – Nikolaas Church Utrecht

performed during the 7th World Choir Symposium in Kyoto, Japan (2005)

1st Movement: A White Rabbit With Pink Eyes

2nd Movement: Sad Alice (extract)

4th Movement: Curious Alice (extract)

5th Movement: The Pigeon

6th Movement: Angry Alice

7th Movement: The Queen of Hearts (extract)

Interview Utrechts Dagblad

‘Eight Scenes from Alice’ is based on the brillant book ‘Alice in Wonderland’ of Lewis Carroll. During this composition for female-choir and percussion Alice will be confronted with four rather insufferable characters: The White Rabbit, the Caterpillar, the Pigeon and the Queen of Hearts. Every figure stands for a certain character: restless, impatient, suspicious and heartless. Alice is woven around these figures and has to save herself. Will she save herself? The ‘libretto’ is from Patrick van Deurzen based on Carroll’s book, but in such a way that every scene is a story in itself. Tales that by there abstraction enlarge the archetypical aspect of the different characters. The music fits the different moods as a glove fits a hand: playful and vicious.